Beware of Summary Assessment on Your Costs

September 2011

So you forgot to ask Counsel to request a detailed assessment; and reassured yourself it wouldn’t be too bad, after all Summary assessment can’t be that different, can it? Please take a look at the case of Tanya Grand -v- Parma Gill [2011] EWCA Civ 902. This case followed a Landlord and Tennant action on appeal. The Claimant claimed, attendances, travel and research running to 1,226.5 hours and paid disbursements of £2,700.00.

The Court following Summary Assessment awarded a modest £703.77! The amounts claimed are on the face of it extreme but the lesson to be learned carries a clear warning concerning the unpredictable nature of summary assessment. Please only claim what is recoverable, reasonable and that which can be justified. Alternatively, ask counsel to request detailed assessment and pass the file to the Costs Lawyers!

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