To Tweet or not to Tweet the Immortal Question

Well all the talk at the moment is Jackson; ABS’s and the will they won’t they on making the referral fee a criminal or regulatory offence. An impact statement from the MoJ is due out this week. Professional buck passing the highest level. I have read so many interesting tweets of late that made me realise the power and importance of the social media interface.

You are getting news as it happens, whilst its even in the thought process of the individual, the candid outbursts are real and in the main unregulated like so many sanitised press releases. What I’m getting at is harnessing the social media and being able to deliver important information on legal costs as it happens.

In short we are now on facebook and twitter and recommend you follow us to take advantage of key information that we will pass to you as it comes to us. Join us on our social media adventure it is not all about costs, and there will be the odd frivolous and light hearted moment in the deep dark times of austerity.

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