Bill of costs

We specialise in preparing a detailed bill of costs with pin point accuracy and delivered quickly in accordance with our agreed service guidelines. We believe in working with us you expect nothing less than the best and will deliver our service subject to agreed service levels.

We have substantial experience in drafting bill of costs for personal injury; clinical negligence, private client, family and commercial litigation.

Through collaboration we deliver a bill of costs that will maximise your entitlement to the costs you deserve and aim to secure payment in the shortest time frame using accelerated negotiation techniques.

The bill of costs will normally be delivered for approval within 5 working days from receipt of the file of papers unless otherwise advised.

Our charges commensurate with the level of fee earner applicable to each case are fully recoverable against the paying party with no deductions from your own profit costs recovered.

Points of Dispute

We can advise on the best approach / tactics given our significant previous experience and consult with you on issues concerning recoverability of certain aspects of costs inter partes and disbursements disputed with the other side. We will prepare on your behalf fully detailed Points of Dispute and also Replies dealing with CFA and success fees in addition to addressing all the up to date legal issues concerning this highly contentious area of legal costs.

Assessment Hearings

Should negotiations break down inter partes the bill of costs normally proceeds to detailed assessment. We can attend the hearing on your behalf represented by one of our experienced costs advocates locally or nationwide.

Our service includes the preparation of all documents and bundles for the hearing so you don’t have to saving considerable time and more importantly your resources. We will refer all offers made by the opponent along with our advice to ensure your position is protected so far as possible. Regular reports at this stage are vital to managing your expectations and ultimately to the result of the detailed assessment. Once completed all settled cases will be reported with a detailed schedule giving a breakdown of the costs and disbursements recovered; any disallowed with supporting reasons and a summary review of any specific issues raised by the cost judge.

Advice and Assistance

We believe that good honest objective advice enables the parties to manage expectations and through collaboration our costs advocates can provide advice and guidance on specific cases and general issues to enhance time recording accuracy and ultimately the bill preparation. We also offer in house training and seminars to ensure all Lawyers are fully up to date on recent developments within this faced paced area of the law.

A key to our success is the provision of a dedicated costs advocate which enables for a close working relationship with each client in going forward.

Courier Services

A fast reliable nationwide service for collection and delivery of files and competitive secure document delivery on demand as an added value service to you the client.

We also offer a file collection and archive service which will enable us to deposit your files securely following completion of the costs negotiations. This service is separate from the costs negotiation and operated by our trusted business partners.

Wide range of skills

Simply put not just costs, but a wide range of complimentary services designed to improve your business with help and assistance with case management systems; new business development and training from a team that has a proven track record of success in this fast paced competitive market.

We have helped design case management and bespoke IT systems; departmental restructure; HR Partner advice; recruitment and selection and new business development drawing from our experience in industry and practice.

Please contact us for further information on how we can assist with total confidentiality assured.

Reduced Life cycles

Our primary objective is to reduce the settlement lifecycle by introducing pro active costs negotiation. We aim to deliver your bill of costs within 5 working days and believe this to be the quickest delivery promised in the market place. Quite simply, if we can do it in 2 days we will as it better to over deliver and ensure every client’s expectations are carefully managed.

We pride ourselves with having dedicated Costs Advocates appointed to each client to ensure development of a good solid working relationship knowing that individual is on hand and available for updates; ad hoc advice and available if required in house which few other competitors can deliver.

Fast track cases usually settled within 6 weeks including bill preparation

Multi track cases usually settled within 12 weeks including bill preparation

Detailed Assessment requested beyond the above time frames for which you will be entitled to recover interest.

Please enquire about Prime Legal Funding which enables up to 70% of your costs to be paid within 14 days of your bill being presented, additional interest charges and subject to terms and conditions. Quick, essential preservation of cash flow to enable you to do what you do best, settle cases.

Workflow and Case Management

We will work with you to ensure a natural fit with your own in house case management systems to ensure up to date information is available on your case progress which will be available on time every time. We aim to provide detailed management information on each and every case to ensure settlement lifecycles are kept to a minimum and in accordance with agreed service level agreements.

Summary of work undertaken

  • Bill Preparation
  • Costs Negotiation
  • Court Attendance
  • Full suite of Management Information and KPI’s
  • Settlement Reports / Analysis
  • Archiving and Storage
  • Courier Service
  • Part 8 Settlement enforcement
  • Seminars and Training
  • HR Partner Assistance
  • Prime Legal Funding
  • Debt Recovery
Please contact a member of our business development team for further information:-

Tel. 0844 441 2142