Reduced Life Cycles

Our primary objective is to reduce the settlement lifecycle by introducing pro active costs negotiation. We aim to deliver your bill of costs within 5 working days and believe this to be the quickest delivery promised in the market place. Quite simply, if we can do it in 2 days we will as it better to over deliver and ensure every client’s expectations are carefully managed.

We pride ourselves with having dedicated Costs Advocates appointed to each client to ensure development of a good solid working relationship knowing that individual is on hand and available for updates; ad hoc advice and available if required in house which few other competitors can deliver.

  • Fast track cases usually settled within 6 weeks including bill preparation
  •  Multi track cases usually settled within 12 weeks including bill preparation

Please speak to us about Prime Legal Funding delivering cost effective cashflow solutions ref. PLF tel. 0844 887 1214 / email.